Safety of exercise with barbells and kettlebells

Recently, I have been incorporating something new into my workout: kettlebells! They are great for many reasons. What I like especially much is their ability to tire me out completely in a way that the barbell isn’t able to in most cases. For example, many of the movements I do with the bells involve lots of movements – like the kettlebell swing. Therefore, not only do I get s good strength workout, but my respiratory system also gets hit hard! I really have to tell you, I get absolutely exhausted whenever I train in this way. Barbells just don’t do the same to you. Sure, they tire your nervous system, and they do make you a lot stronger. But a combination of the two seems like a great way to get all the benefits!

I have looked at a very cool article about some research which was done lately. The research is about the safety of training with kettlebells. The article can be found here and is made by Len Kravitz, who has a Ph. D. Some of the main points from the research that has been done show that kettlebells definitely are a great way to train, and that safety really is not an issue if the exercises are done with proper form! This is always very important, and I cannot stress this enough. It is not worth it to do an exercise with bad technique, ever. Even if it makes you accomplish your lift, this will only make yourself believe that you can lift than you are really able to. Therefore, you will use even more weight next time, and either

a) Become disappointed


b) Become injured

Therefore, please do not use bad technique while lifting. You are only hurting yourself in order to show off to your friends!

Like I said, my focus has recently been something other than pure strength. I have many different reasons for this. Basically, I have reached the many goals I had with pure barbell training. Therefore, I no longer want to become stronger nor bigger. Instead, I have chosen to dwell into an area that is very interesting to me; cardio! I have tried lots of different things so far, like running, swimming, and even riding my bike every once in a while. But the thing that continuously gives me the greatest gains definitely has to be kettlebell training. I found a site with some very useful descriptions, which you can see over here: Kettlebell Workouts | All you need for a successfull kettlebell workout. It is just so different from normal cardio; instead of tiring your legs, you get the same effect, but in your whole body! This means that you can improve your endurance, not just in your legs and big muscles like that, but everywhere. I would recommend this type of cardio to anyone who wants fast results. But remember, always stay in shape for your own sake, not because you want new, quick results. Exercise is not something you do to fix things you don’t like – always look at it as a preventative measure!


My barbell experience

Hi! This is my first post on this blog. I hope I will be able to show you why working out with barbells is a great idea. This post will be about my own experiences while working out with barbells.

First of all, I am a 40 year old male. I have been training for around five years now. The first two years were spent solely using machines and dumbbells every once in a while. However, three years ago I finally made the switch over the barbells. I am not sure why I did not do this before; I guess working out with that heavy barbell simply scared me. But after some years in the gym, I was finally convinced, and I tried to bench press. I was far weaker than expected. You know, I see all these people walking around in my gym, benching 225 lbs like it was nothing.

When I first benched, I did an amazing 135 pounds! You can imagine my disappointment at this. I decided to get stronger, and I wanted it to happen fast. I thought that, after spending two whole years at the gym, I would surely have to be stronger than this. But alas, I was not. So, like I said, I decided that I needed to get far more strong. I decided that working out with barbells was not really scare after all – I just had to try it to realize this. Since, I have been bench pressing several times per week, and my bench has shot up to a still-weak but fairly much better one-rep max of 245 lbs. I am satisfied with my progress, even though it has taken me three years.

The take-away from this post is that if you did not already start barbell training, I greatly recommend doing so! It will bring a lot of benefits to you that you did not even expect to begin with. My confidence in myself has become far greater, and I am way happier now than ever. So, if you have doubts about starting, I recommend simply doing it! If you don’t have a gym subscription, feel free to head over to the nearest gym and get one. It is not as expensive as some people make it out to be, and it is not nearly as scary as you would think. I recommend leaving now, and getting this done once and for all!